Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All H1Bs are frauds. Are they??

One of the comments suggested I cover this area, so here it is.

One of the primary lies concocted by the Antis is... "All H1Bs are Frauds". Some of the variants are:
1. Most, if not all H1Bs cook their resumes.
2. Most if not all H1Bs have fake educational credentials.
3. Most if not all H1Bs lie on their job applications.


Let's look at it from the available data perspective. USCIS, on September,2008, conducted a major audit of the approved H1B applications. You can find the full report here:
USCIS H1B report

[ Did you notice I didn't try to fudge the facts and provided you with the real source of data, just the opposite of Antis? ]

If you want the findings, scroll over to pages 7 and 8. Here, I'll post the real data for you from the report:
The percentage breakdown is as follows:
Fraud: 13.4% (33 cases)
Technical Violation(s): 7.3% (18 cases)
Overall Violation Rate: 20.7% (21%)

So, the number of fraudulent cases were 13%. Remember, technical violation doesn't include fraud. It's mostly wrongly filled forms etc.Even if you include them, it's at 20%.

Now, 20% is not equal to 100%. 20% is not even equal to 50%. Right? RIGHT?

There is no justification for fraud. The fraudulent entities should be prosecuted and brought down. However, there is also no justification of saying 20% represents "most if not all", except when you are looking at the vocabulary of the Antis.

Now, let's compare apples to apples. Let's check the fraud rates in some other categories of visas. Did you know that the fraud rate in "religeous worker" category, according to the GAO report, is at 33%? Do you know that visa applications filed by American Citizens to get their foreign spouse here has 14% fraud rate?

Then why single out H1Bs? Oh I know why. Because Antis don't like competition. That's why!! I wonder who is the fraud here!!


  1. Good stuff!

    forgot to mention though, that MOST of the refugee asylum cases are fraud! we know where that puts Tunnel Rat ;-)

  2. LOL, funny how TunnelRat has the Feds on his ass now, he thought his East European style death threats were immune from the US laws, What an ungratefull refugee, no respect for the American Law, well i hope they deport him back to hungary, TCS has a nice offshoring center waiting for him ;-)

    And i hope all his stinking henchmen who were egging him on and laughing at us when we pointed out the LAW, are changing thier diapers, coz that shits going to be hitting the fan ;-)

  3. Government data cannot be trusted. Try asking Americans who actually live in SV and know what is going on. Not gov't data that has been faked because NASSCOM paid them to fake the numbers down. The real fraud is at least 80%.

  4. No, Govt. Data cannot be trusted. What we should all trust is the clueless xenophobic rant of the Antis.

  5. No, but the vast majority of them are.