Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The "insurgency" is having a taxed-enough-already party? What!!!



Does the "insurgency" (ahem!!) know the meaning of "TEA" party. It's a protest by people who believe they are "Taxed Enough Already". That would include immigrants and workers on H1B and L1 also. Then how can a TEA party be a protest against immigrants and worker visas?

Or are you just trying to piggy back on some completely unrelated cause, because you just don't have enough support? Maybe, just maybe, Americans see the FUD you are trying to spread?

Some of the FUDs I have come across in different boards spread by a handful of people:

1. Indians hate African Americans. What!! And why is that? Because they are black? And what are we? Browns!! Why would we hate African Americans when they were getting persecuted by xenophobes like you not too long ago, just like you are trying to pull it off on Indians now. Get it?

2. Indians don't hire Americans. The strangest thing is, this comes from a person, who, right now, is hired and happily employed under an Indian manager. Now what do you call it? Hypocrisy is too lite a word for it. Backstabbing hypocrite .... maybe.

3. Indians think Americans are fools. Being an Indian, I find this idea laughable at best. This is one of the greatest nations, built by Americans. The land of opportunity, built by Americans. The spearhead of innovation, built by Americans. No sane person will think Americans are fools. Yet, these bunch of morons wants to perpetrate this notion that "Indians think Americans are fools". NO WE DO NOT.

They are so desperate to perpetrate their lies that they show up on different forums with Indian pseudonyms, and try to denigrate America. More than once, I have exposed them for doing that. I mean, can it be any more lame than that? Even some fellow Antis feel that way. :-)

On the other hand, I get the perception it's the other way around. These bunch of racist xenophobes are the ones who think that rest of the Americans are fools. If you go through their posts, it's pretty obvious. There are repeated mentions of how the rest of the Americans "... just don't get it". Really, folks, what do you think? The rest of the Americans are fools, and you are the smartest of all?

I'll cover more on later posts. Happy reading.


  1. L-1s don't pay any Federal income taxes under the IRC. Is that FUD? No, that's the law. Many other H-1Bs, and other visa holders of Indian origin don't pay any taxes because their Indian bodyshop masters keep the withholding tax for themselves, or else cover for their Indian workers and don't report their earnings. Many Indian guest workers simply get on a plane after working in the U.S. for a year, disappear, and are never found. Stop with this lily-white "Indian Immigrants are good for the U.S. economy" crap - it's obviusly not true since you people have DESTROYED the U.S. economy.

    Everyone in the U.S. knows that Indians hate any race other than Indians. Everyone knows about your caste system.

    Everyone in the U.S. knows that in the VAST MAJORITY OF CASES, Indian managers do not hire Americans - even extremely qualified ones - which explains why an economy that WAS booming in 1998 with 98% white American males running it is now DYING with 98% brown Indian males running it. Perhaps you can explain for us WHY IMPORTED INDIAN LABOR HAS FAILED TO PERFORM AS PROMISED.

    Americans are sick and tired of Indian arrogance and looking down on everyone else - especially in light of the fact that you have failed to perform as promised, have never created anything to speak of, and consistently cause FAILURE everywhere you go. If you were actually GOOD at something, then your arrogance might be justified. But to be so arrogant and so FAILURE PRONE at the same time, your arrogance is laughable. Indians run wild in IT calling all Americans "trailer trash" and saying we are too stupid to do IT. I believe it was Kirin Karnik himself who said "India's engineers are better than the best American engineers". If that isn't arrogance, then I don't know what is.

    And thanks for revealing that you, the creator of this blog, are an Indian national.

  2. Oh really? L-1s don't pay taxes? H-1Bs don't either? Really?

    I guess all the big companies in the US, Microsoft, Intel, Wells Fargo, IBM that employ L1s and H1s are in tax fraud? I guess they are getting investigated too, right?

    Let me Google for it.....
    Nope, don't find any news of Intel being investigated for Tax Fraud on L1s/H1s.

    Coming to your second point...
    "Everyone in the U.S. knows that Indians hate any race other than Indians.". Then why the frustration? Why the "I told my friend, but they just don't get it?" I guess the American people are NOT buying your lies.

    I have quite a few American friends, and when I showed them the blogs and stuff that you perpetrate, we just had a good laugh.

    I completely understand your intention. Try to brainwash others so that you can instigate them into an Anti-India frenzy. Good luck with that.

  3. Really professor - can't you ever come up with a better argument than "racism"?

  4. @3:36.
    What else can you call it, when you try to collectively denigrate a group of people, without loking at individuals and what they are capable of? I'm at a loss of words here. Help me out. What should I call it?

  5. Well you can only call it what it is - payback, Karma, whatever. Please tell me why 4 million Indians should be allowed to come into the USA as GUESTS, take over the IT industry, deliberately deny jobs to (white) Americans because of race, when they are obviously more qualified and have more experience, do this for over 10 years with impunity, cheat, lie, break the law, commit visa fraud, and then NOT have the same thing happen to you. You of all people, being Indian, should understand the concept of Karma - what goes around comes around, professor. Indians have been getting away with ethnic cleansing of Americans from IT for a decade, and now it's payback time. You reap what you sow. The "xenophobia" you are now experiencing is nothing but your OWN xenophobia coming right back at you.

  6. this mike aka michael amorose is a known racist, google his name and you'll find him getting ostracized for the same


  7. Its funny how we educated folks keep fighting with these trashy illiterate peeps. Mike/TR have little to no education, thats why they're fucked over.

  8. Good blog OP, need to kick some racist arse in here, Mike and TR the homo racist can sick each others ducks.

  9. Anti-Immis murder father and child


    Gotta watch out for Mike and his friends

  10. @6:37:
    "Please tell me why 4 million Indians should be allowed to come into the USA as GUESTS"

    Maybe, because, Indian government opened up the market of 1 billion people to US corporations? For example, AT&T, the bellwether American telecom company, found its fastest growing market in India. Ever heard of Trade Treaties?

    And then you start your lies again. "deliberately deny jobs to (white) Americans because of race". Then how come your beloved TunnelRat is working under a Desi? Is he not "white"? Or is he not "American"?

    As I said before, what you are perpetrating is just a bunch of lies.

  11. funny thing i noticed, all of these India/H-1b haters, both on ITGRUNT and DICE have a few things in common, all are white, all are hitting 50 or past 50, all are Obama hating Republicans, seriously, all of them!

    hmmn maybe its not just about the work visa, is it about the skin color? ;-)

  12. I've seen an indian senior manager come into an organization, clean out 3 departments and replace them with all indians. 43 Americans dismissed at a time when the job market is bleak IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. And they were FORCED TO TRAIN THEM! It staggers the imagination.

    I won't EVER be convinced it has anything to do with skill, these were good people and the majority of them are still looking for jobs and this happened 6 months ago. Bringing the Out-Of-Towners in has only complicated matters. It makes the smooth flow of business much more difficult because they lack insight and creativity that was there before, not to mention the subject matter expertise.

    So you wonder why there are antis. You accuse them of being racists. Say they are lazy. Uneducated. You come into someone's country and displace them from their livelyhood and you bet you can expect some hostility.

  13. @9:01

    So, you are trying to tell me that one single person came in and replaced the whole department and everybody around him didn't see anything? Were they fools? With all due respect, I just find this "stories" a little difficult to believe.

  14. Oh no, it was a bit more subversive than that. It casually happened over a space of 2 to 3 months.

    The reaper came from Infosys as an executive director into the company. All smiles and promises of positive growth with backing from the AVP. The original management team moved off to 'other projects' within the company and the bloodletting began a few months later once the new org had been charted out. (We) the managers had to toe the line or we'd lose our jobs, that was clear. If you don't like the direction things are going, you're free to leave. It began happening slowly, but in the end everyone was given their dismissal dates in biweekly shifts, two weeks for 'knowledge transfer' then hand in your badge and laptop. Bye and good luck.

    So yes, it happens but not in one fell swoop. Got to be sure things don't completely fall apart as you may have a major mutiny and everyone walks.

  15. @2:43:
    Yeh, right. And American engineers are so naive that they didn't see it happening. I guess there is no conversations over watercooler, no connection to the upper management. It "just happened". Why did no one talked to the older upper management? The GMs and VPs didn't see anything. The CEO/CIO missed it completely.

    As I said before, I find it difficult to believe. Sometimes I find it funny how you folks try to portray upper management as a bunch of know nothing fools. Remember, this is the same management that was there when you were there.

    The only thing I get to see from you folks are cooked up stories, and very few isolated cases of frauds drummed up beyond proportion.

  16. @2.43

    if we were to buy your hypothetical situation, you should understand that the final "go ahead" is given by the senior management right? the CEO/CFO/CTO etc and a few guys under them, and who might these guys be? Infy indians or AMERICANS?, that Infy dude didn't come in and put a gun to the heads of those American higher ups and tell them to comply right? So if you are getting screwed, its only possible with the "blessings" of your OWN KIND, i.e the Americans who run the damn show.

    So quit crying, coz you're getting screwed because of your OWN kind.

  17. I'm not here to convince you of anything. I could truly care less if you take it for gospel or line your birdcage with it. I'm here to tell my story so others can read it. And I'm sure there are similar experiences out there.

    Duh. Of course the 'higher ups' knew what was going on. *They* made the decision to outsource long before us lower down on the totem pole knew what was going on. Of course they are going to keep it quiet until they have a concrete plan in place. Isn't that how it always works? The contract was set, they brought the reaper in and the plan was set in motion.

    Suspicion started when the original mgmt team announced they were moving on and shortly after the exec dir from Infosys was announced. Of course everyone was up in arms and the rumors started. This is par for the course - and the existing workers had a pretty good idea what was coming. In the end, it SUCKS having to look at your team and tell them you have news and it isn't good. These people have families, houses, cars and bills to pay. And they got kicked to the curb. It's a crime but our government fails to regulate the gaping loopholes.

    Again, it has nothing to do with skill, at least in my experience. I know what the billing rates are - this was about the bottom line. And yeah, upper management sold out to the lowest bidder but in the long run, you get what you pay for. We did get screwed.

    Outsourcing has succeeded not because everyone thinks India has brilliant minds in IT, it's because the workers are willing to work for poverty wages and that, really, is the bottom line.

  18. @8:06
    Duh, if what yous ay is true, why should you blame the Indian manager. He was doing what was asked of him by your existing American upper management. I mean, think about it. Even if the story is true, where does the blame lie? If it was so meticulously planned by the American upper management, shouldn't you be protesting against them... instead of finding the easy scapegoat that is immigrants?