Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What other Americans thing about the Antis

Excerpts of some posts from the comments sections. These are posts made by fellow Americans to Antis.

"Leave the slumdogs alone. I am glad you guys are getting your asses raped.

It was you punks, the symbolic analysts, that have destroyed American industry.

You think IT outsourcing is bad? Just look around you morons, the entire manufacturing is outsourced to an enemy country(China). This is a clear and present danger.

I have no sympathy for the symbolic analysts in the form of stock analysts, programmers, auditors, lawyers etc.

You PARASITES are the reason for destroying manufacturing in this once great country and all in the name of automation, efficiency and redundancy.

Are you getting raped in the ass as a result of redundancy or cheaper alternatives? Die motherfuckers, die! Now its your turn.

The average American/Canadian gives a flying fuck as to what fate awaits y'all.

11:11 AM"

This is about the racist (in the word of another American) posts at itgrunt.com

"How much ever i respect your zeal and initiative to get something done, against all this exploitation of the American worker, but in that adrenaline rush, you guys come across as being xenophobic racists. I would love to show this blog to my colleagues and spread the word, but cant because it just comes across like another racially motivated hate site.

I did show this blog some days back at work, and nobody took it seriously, if you guys do have another site which is more serious and professional, let me know, i'd love to spread the word around."

Grow up Antis, Grow Up!!

Some more:

"Wayne said...

"Don't be surprised if the attacks that started in Australia migrate to our shores."

Is that why you have a picture of a (presumably) Indian beaten to shit in a hospital bed in an article that otherwise has NOTHING to do with violence?

You need to stop advocating violence; ... , you ruin the cause by spouting outright hate speech and trying to incite violence. You can say "We need to fix the H1-B visa and give American IT workers jobs again" without saying "Everyone needs to start beating the shit out of any Indians they see"."

Haaa Ha!!!

Do you realize now, Antis, Americans are NOT fools? They are not only not falling for your FUD, they actually distaste your "in-sur-gen-C".

More to come.

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  1. American programmers destroyed American manufacturing? That's a good one. Sounds like we have some irate out of work blue-collar idiot here. American programmers created the biggest economic boom in U.S. history in the 1990s. Can't say the same for you lousy auto workers and steel workers who got your clocks cleaned by BETTER Japanese workers. Unlike Indian workers, they actually produce a BETTER product than Americans can. Where is the Indian operating system. Vista is the best they can do? If that's the best they can do, the world is in trouble. Make a better product, you'll have a job. You can't compete with the Japanese. American programmers on the other hand are the best software develoeprs in the world and Indians are the worst. If Indians are such great developers then where is the economic boom they should have created? Instead we have collapse.