Monday, June 22, 2009

FUD: India is the most protectionist nation of the world

When US is criticized for the protectionist measures that some are proposing, the Antis jump up and down and point out:"India is the most protectionist nation in the world". It pretty much ends there, with no backup points.

Let's see, how much of it is true.

1. Americans are not allowed to work in India. WAIT!!! Is that true? Then what is the "Employment [E] visa" is for? Here is the information about how to apply for the visa:

Points to be noted:
a. It DOES NOT require you to provide your educational credentials, unlike H1B, which has stringent requirements.
b. Where IS the quota? If India is protectionist, ahem... "most" protectionist, then WHERE IS THE FRIGGING QUOTA???

So, Antis, get off your sorry asses, and go get a job in India, that is, if you are capable of that. Next thing you know how India is a country full of slums, and they shouldn't go there and stuff.

2. I'm not finished yet. Here is my question for you. Does US allow an immigrant, even if he has served in US military, put his life on line, fought for civil rights, or done anything unthinkable, to be the President of the United States? Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be ALLOWED, remember the word, ALLOWED to be the President? Even if he has 99% of people voting for him, he won't be ALLOWED to be the President!!!
Lo and behold. It IS allowed in India. In fact, we voted an Italian born woman to the position of Prime Minister (same as President in the USA), only for her to choose someone else she thought more suitable for the position. But she was not barred by policies. She was not barred by constitution.

So, Antis... what do you think? India is still the "most protectionist" country in the world? Huh?


  1. Nice !! sums it all up, Anti's are proved wrong once again!

    its funny to see how the Anti's know that they cant counter-answer anything in here, so they just read it and go and hide away in that rat hole, LMFAO.

    I remember that TunnelRat openly defying any Indian to setup a counter blog, and now that you have done it, he cant do shit, coz their fallacy is now eruditely exposed!

  2. Feel free to circulate this blog. The Antis FUD need to be exposed.

  3. One point to back up your argument?

    Why don't you mention the FACT that Wal-Mart has been BANNED in India in order to PROTECT its 21 million retailers (Premji even admitted this in the Charlie Rose TV interview). Or how 200% tariffs are put on U.S. cars sold there? If America was as protectionst as India, we would put 200% tariffs on NRI programmers in USA in order to protect America's 4 million American programmers. Or we would ban them outright.

    Why can India impose protectionism but USA can't.