Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ajay Banga, the new number 2 of Mastercard: Antis suck thumb

Ajay Banga, a veteran retail banker who runs Citigroup Inc.'s Asia-Pacific business, is leaving the New York company to become the No. 2 executive at MasterCard Inc.

[Ajay Banga may give a fresh marketing jolt to MasterCard.] Reuters

Ajay Banga may give a fresh marketing jolt to MasterCard.

The 49-year-old Mr. Banga will become president and chief operating officer at MasterCard in August, making him the heir apparent to Chief Executive Robert Selander. As part of the move, Mr. Selander will give up duties as president of the Purchase, N.Y., company, which processes electronic payments.


  1. So what? did he invent the billion dollar anti-spam industry single-handedly while attending the KKK rallies like our man Mike did? i think not, thats what u call talent, not handling some pussy multi billion conglomerate. ;-)

  2. No, but he and his pal Pandit ran Citi into the ground and it had to be bailed out by the gov't because these morons are INCOMPETENT. Watch Mastercard next - they will fail and be begging for a bailout too.

    Another victim of India, Inc.

  3. Even the head of FDIC wants Pandit out.