Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bush traded American jobs for Indian Mangos??? Huh?

I came across this post:


Now, can someone be any more dumb than THIS. Suggesting that the President of the Most powerful nation of the world sealed a Nuclear deal in exchange of... Mangos?

And then, in the video, comes the suggestion that irradiated mangos "glow" in the dark? Huh? And these are the people who think they deserve jobs that need brains? Let me just quote something about irradiated foods in US:

Some U.S. supermarkets carry irradiated food products today ranging from fresh tropical fruit from Hawaii or Florida,dehydrated spices and ground meat products.

A facility in Florida has been irradiating strawberries and other fruits on a limited basis, to prolong shelf life. On a trial basis, fresh tropical fruits from Hawaii have been irradiated before shipping them to the mainland, instead of fumigating them to eliminate the fruit fly pests that could spread to the mainland. Some spices for commercial use have been irradiated. In addition irradiation is widely used to sterilize a variety of medical and household products, from hip joint implants to bandaids and baby pacifiers.

Other technologies used to sterilize fruits, spices and medical devices use toxic chemicals, such as ethylene oxide. Use of irradiation can reduce the use of these other hazardous substances.

Now tell me, do these folks have no capability to find out about food irradiation by doing some basic google searches, or they are more interested in spreading propaganda?

Some of the comments are even dumber than the original post. Especially look at this:

"You hit the nail right on the head - India has threatened us multiple times with nuclear war if we don't give them our jobs. That's the REAL reason this is happening. There was also a news story of a Senator a few years back who got corned in a room of unemployed Americans who asked him why he was pushing for more guest worker visas and he said "India has one billion people and nuclear weapons" - a clear sign that they had threatened us."

This, when India doesn't even have a warhead that can reach anywhere close to USA. How the heck then India "threaten" US with nuclear warfare?

I have never seen more stupid FUD than this. Have you?


  1. Well, hello you shill for India Inc. and propagandists for the NASSCOM campaign to ethnically cleanse Americans out of I.T.

    What brought you to start this blog? Are you an immigration lawyer? H-1B? A desi bodyshop agent? Vivek Wadhwa?

    I suggest that you do some reading. There are about 7 million "Antis" that are tired of the crap you "anti-antis" have been spewing, and they are taking to the streets.

    Australia is just the beginning of OPERATION UGANDA II.


  2. Well, what got me blogging are the incessant lies that you are spreading.

    Do you really think Bush traded Mangos to seal a nuclear deal. I mean, Bush is dumb, but if you think THAT is true, he is not even a competition for you.

    By the way, TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. What has TEA got to do with H1Bs or immigration?

  3. You stupid moron, don't you know that "race" doesn't work anymore on the American people. 78% of Americans want immigration stopped and you are in the tiny, and shrinking minority. Wait until unemloyment hits 20% caused by INDIAN LABOR FAILURE and then we'll see how many Americans are 'racist'. India, Inc. days of robbing America blind and not producing anything are OVER - just accept it and go beg Japan for some jobs.

    As for the mangoes, if you had been following the story from day one you would have known that it was about a trade deal Bush did with India in which USA traded its nuclear technology for imported mangoes from India. The "irraditaed" part was Rob Sanchez's HUMOR. It's called SARCASM - something Indians can't understand. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE YOU DUMB FUCK INDIAN BUT YOU TOOK IT SERIOUSLY.

  4. Mike,
    If 78% of americans want immigration stopped, then you should throw your friend TunnelRat out also, shouldn't you? He is also an immigrant, who displaced an American who could have a job now. What say you? Deal!!!
    Oh no. He is a special case.

    I somehow feel that you folks actually WANT american economy to tank, and the unemployment to rise, just to further your own agenda.

    And yeh, Bush did the tread of nuclear fuel for... mangoes!!!???? As I said, Bush IS dumb, but he is no competition to you.

  5. >> have never seen more stupid FUD than this. Have you?

    You should see the voice response system code I inherited from a recently departed H1B. My god. I think every portion was directly cut and pasted from google in the most haphazard and obtuse way possible.

    It'll take me ages to map this out! Until I convince them to just let me rewrite it correctly..

  6. @3:49
    Of course. Where did I say H1Bs always write good code? Do you mean to say you haven't seen bad code by non-H1Bs.

    But then classifying all of H1Bs based on a few bad experiences you had will be stupid.

    Look at it this way...

    You should see those FLDS Americans who marry their sisters and under-age girls, and practice polygamy. Does that mean, all Americans... or, for that matter, all Mormons are polygamist psychos?

    Get my point?

  7. India to launch ICBM, develops missile defence shield

    New Delhi, Dec 12 - India is to launch a 5,000-km nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) next year, even as it has developed a credible missile shield that is superior to the American Patriot anti-missile system, defence scientists said Thursday.

    Both are homegrown systems and make India one of the very few countries in the world possessing the technology to manufacture them.

  8. Unlike the Indian Mafia - which is well known in SV, TunnelRat and his countrymen do not systematically ethnically cleanse Americans from the IT industry, the Indian Mafia do. In 17 years of working in software, I have never ever been replaced, laid off, fired, or otherwise taken out of my job ever EXCEPT for the SEVERAL times it happened when imported Indians were running things. And the fact that I was then asked to COME BACK and TRAIN my Indian replacements tells me that there is massive fraud coming on here. Why do only Indians exhibit this behavior? Why no other races such as Chinese, anyone else? Can you explain that professor?

  9. @7:15.
    You show your intelligence again. What is the distance between the western point of India and the eastern point of USA? About 12,500km.

    On the same breath that you say Indians are good for nothing idiots, you mention this "it has developed a credible missile shield that is superior to the American Patriot anti-missile system, defence scientists said Thursday."

    Contradictions!! Contradictions!!

    So, you truely believe that India is threatening US, of all nations, with nuclear war!!! Amazing. No wonder you are boasting about the youtube webcast of the weed smoking brain fart at itgrunt.com. And then you claim you are "obviously more qualified". You amaze me.

    Here is the thing. Americans are the smartest lot. They are the spearhead of the world. It's just that, you and your cronies are the exceptions here.

  10. @7:21
    Just because you got replaced does not mean it's the fault of the "other guy". This is a common, understandable psychological behavior.

    Answer this. If Indians were trying to cleanse the so called "white americans" off the IT sector, how come your beloved TunnelRat is employed under a "Desi"?

    I guess, you'd say, it's just an exception. Unfortunately for you, among Americans, YOU are the exception.

  11. He's not employed under a Desi. He quit that place.

    When an Indian manager at Adobe lays me off, then calls me a wekk later to come back and TRAIN my Indian replacement, I know it is due to his fault.

    What part of TRAINING someone who comes into the USA and who is supposed to ALREADY be skilled don't you get.

    That'd FRAUD - a felony.