Thursday, June 25, 2009

Illegal American immigrants in India... are they?

In my comments section, Mr. Michael (Mike) Amorose, the great mac programmer mentioned that there are "laws" in the book that bars Americans from working in India. Shame on India. Such a protectionist country. How could they do that!!!

No Wait, what is this news story at msnbc saying:

BANGALORE, India - After graduating from Northwestern University last year, Nate Linkon contemplated job offers in Chicago and New York. But he chose a less conventional path and started his career here, in India’s booming tech capital.

The 22-year-old Milwaukee native works in marketing at Infosys Technologies Ltd., India’s second-largest software exporter. He’s part of a small but growing number of young Americans moving to Bangalore and other Indian cities to beef up their resumes, launch businesses or study globalization in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies

Now, if there are "laws" on the "book" barring Americans from working in India, these folks must be doing something illegal? Illegal American Immigrants in India, are they? :-)

Folks, these are the kind of lies the Antis perpetrate. They will throw their fellow americans under the bus at any point of time to get ahead. So, beware!!!


  1. Mike is a compulsive liar, actually no, he's pathological and delusional, he doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination, his brain quit differentiating that long back, just like his fellow "insurgent" leaders. LOL

    Mike claims that he "invented" the anti-spam industry, yet he cant show ONE piece of evidence to back it up, apart from his own claim from his OWN blog, Mike, i know you're reading this, since your homo partner FatRat doesn't publish alot of comments that rightfully put you down, read this :

    SHOW ME ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE THAT BACKS YOUR ANTI SPAM THEORY CLAIM, JUST ONE. and no, your OWN writing doesn't count, dig up, scan it put it online do whatever you want, but BACK UP YOUR CLAIM, else be branded a pathological liar all your life. Do it now.

  2. Just found this very interesting article online, which shows that TCS has setup of over 500 employees ( all locals) in Hungary, yes none other than that Rats original Country. The people he bitches about are feeding and clothing his own people, haha.

  3. I knew it !! Mike Amorose couldn't defend his lies, created anti-spam my ass. Fucking senile old piece of shit, from now on whatever turd that gets blurted out of that ass of a mouth, will now be branded nothing more than what it is, LIES, Mike the pathological lier.


    [Others seem less enamored. "While I do admire Matloff and find his work to be substantial, his contribution to our cause has been academic and largely ignored by the I.T. industry," says "Kevin," who publishes a blog that routinely refers to Indian tech workers as "slumdogs" ( "THAT IS ONE ARTICULATE [expletive]", wrote Kevin in a post in April referring to Matloff. (Matloff distances himself from "Kevin" and his Web site and says his views are "unrepresentative.")]

    Anti-Insurgents are winning ;-)

  5. suggestion for a new post:

    Please expose the lies behind the antis typical " all h1b are fakes and frauds" etc, i remember reading somewhere that USCIS stated that only 20% were fraudulent, we need to counter the antis lies !

  6. India makes exceptions for the FEW Americans that India, Inc. needs to have Americans go to India to train Indians there. They pay off the Indian gov't to allow it but the fact is there are no mass guest worker visas for Americans to go work in India. The # of Americans working in India is a mere 11,000 while the number of NRIs working in America is 4-8 million. If I am wrong then please tell the names of the visa programs in India and how I can apply for one.

  7. I believe Mr. Amorose has already proven numerous times that he is the co-inventor of anti-spam, but you people refuse to accept it. Try:

    Try using Google and you'll see it's true.

    I believe it was Professor Ron Hira who said "We're training them" on CNBC's show on national TV. Is he lying too? If guest workers coming into USA on work visas do not ALREADY posses the skills that is FRAUD because in order to get into the country to begin with, they have to already be "highly-skilled". Since most of the imported workers are being TRAINED by Americans, that is FRAUD. What part of not having the skills claimed don't you guys get?

    And while you are at it, why don't you enable copy/paste on your blog so people can prove you wrong.

  8. Ooooh lala. Well, I don't see any proof anywhere.
    The report you put there says:

    Goo Software, makers of the
    one-of-a-kind Spam Blaster anti-spamming email client software product
    today was forced to close its doors due to a frivolous and predatory
    lawsuit from Creative Labs, Ltd., makers of the Sound Blaster line of
    )products for the PC.

    I didn't see any talk about INVENTION. Did you? Isn't it like Al Gore saying "I invented the Internet".

    Bloody liar.

    By the way, you know what "Goo" means in Indian languages? Poop!! That's what it is. Poop Software.

  9. Amorose Goo Software+page:1+mid:eqkky4xco5a2yyuf+state:results

  10. Go to and view the sources morons. Now let's see you say I didn't invent it.

    Where are Al Gore's sources for the internet?

  11. Bloody liar? Go check out the SOURCE CODE on and see for yourself. The project is called Spam Blaster. Go learn how to use Subversion, download the sources and read them.

    If I didn't invent it, then who did? YOU?

  12. Mike, Mike, Mike, calm down bozo.
    Nobody claims you didn't "write" the software, okay? Anybody with a quarter of a brain can write a blacklist with a GUI. However, claiming that you "invented" anti-spam is ludicrous, prepostorous and an outright lie.

    Believe me, what you had is not anti-spam, but just a mere black list. I understand people tend to love the code they write. But I have never seen someone blowing their bloody horn as much.

    Also, you just write the fucking GUI of that only. I'm sure the other person didn't let you touch the core of the code, did he? It's like the guy who wrote the HTML for Google front page claiming he invented Google Search. Hilarious.

    And oh, this site is not sourceforge, so stop polluting the comment space with copy pasted code spam.

  13. @ 3:08pm:
    I'm assuming you are another incarnation of the Great Inventor Mighty Mike. So, I just clicked on the link.

    Let's see what's there:
    Goo Library 2.0 (Mac)
    Overview: Goo Library is an extensive Carbon Macintosh programming library thatprovides many useful functions for Macintosh software developers. Librariesare provided in PowerPC binary format compatible with CodeWarrior BetaTools for Mac OS X.

    Pretty impressive description. Wow. What an accomplishment. Let's read on:

    Format: Software | Size: 367KB | Date: Feb 2003 | Version: 2.0 | System Requirements: Universal Headers 3.3.1CarbonLib 1.0.3 | License: Free | Downloads: 6

    Wait... Downloads: 6? 6? Is that in millions? Isn't this the best and most useful software in the history of mankind? 6 downloads. SIX. Seeeeeeks? Wow man, you ARE good.

    Fucking joker.

  14. "However, claiming that you "invented" anti-spam is ludicrous, prepostorous and an outright lie."

    Alright, then answer my question: who did. If you had even been around in 1997, you would know that we were the first to come up with the idea, and the first to write a product based on it. If that isn't invention, then what is? I am 7 years Mr. Turner's senior and have been programming far longer than he has. I wrote the ENTIRE product except for the OT networking code that actually logs into the mail server. So like most Indians, you keep changing the argument. First it was "You didn't invent it", now it's "You only wrote the GUI". Not true my friend. Look at ALL the sources and see whose name is on them. I wrote the WHOLE product except for the OT networking code. Face it: you're WRONG. If I am wrong, then please provide the name(s) of the person(People) who invented anti-spam and the name of the first product. Blacklists and anti-spam may seem common to you these days because you're still in diapers. But when we were doing this in 1997 it was all brand new - and we invented it. No one else was doing it. In fact, VCs told us "anti-spam is a stupid idea and will never catch on" in 1997. Around 2000 everyone started doing it. Where did the idea come from? Who came up with the idea?

    Answer the question.

  15. Goo Library only got 6 downloads from that site because it's a mirror and it's a Carbon library from over a decade ago. I posted that link not to show off the software but to show that I was a principal in Goo Software which you claimed "I had nothing to do with".

    When will you Indian fraud stick to one argument and admit when you've lost?

  16. Spam Blaster was more than just a blacklist. The blacklist was only one part of it (also an idea which we invented). The product had a GUI, a network daemon, code to handle the blacklist logic, and file I/O. Plus code to actually log into the mail server and *delete* emails that matched the blacklist. So it was only a blacklist? I don't think so. This was a complete product we sold. People are going to pay money for a blacklist product when they can get a blacklist off the net for free. There an article in MacWeek magazine in 1997 which mentioned the product. Only a blacklist? Keep dreaming. Face it: you're wrong. You Indians just can't admit defeat, can you?

  17. Please provide the NAMES of the people who invented anti-spam software and the names of the first anti-spam software products (and their release dates).

    Don't change the subject. Provide the names.


    Go take a look at the source code morons.


  19. Mr. Turner and I not only WROTE the software, we also came up with the IDEA of "anti-spam". No one was doing it before we did. It had never occurred to anyone to use software to fight spam, the way anti-virus programs remove viruses. So if coming up with the idea first AND writing the first product based on the idea is not "invention", then what qualifies as "invention". Did someone else come up with the idea first and give it to us? Or did we steal the idea? If so, then please provide proof of where anti-spam first came from.

  20. LMFAO, nice one dude, kicked this Mike chutiyas ass.

    Seriously that Spamblaster, is nothing but a blacklist with a GUI, even i could have written that, and i am not even in IT. And to say he invented an "industry" sigh.

    I honestly hate myself for wasting time on these fucktards, you know, i would put them on the same mental level as the fake resume programmers they keep crying about, seriously, there is NO difference.

  21. Please give the names of who did invent it then and the name of the 1st anti-spam product.

  22. Mike (can you please use the right name, instead of using an Indian name?),
    Firstly, what you call a anti-spam is NOT an anti-spam, it's just a black list in the core, which you have augmented with GUI and stuff. Nobody even considers an email blacklist as a anti-spam. Do you understand this? An EMAIL blacklist is a blacklist, not an anti-spam. Anti spam is something that detects spam dynamically, not a fucking static blacklist.
    Secondly, given the blacklist, the GUI (isn't that the only part you wrote) is fucking unnecessary. A small perl script, or even better, a procmail script will do the job much more efficiently.
    Thirdly, when it's spam filtering, one of the advanced spam filters were Bayesian filters, which was first written in Jason Rennie's iFile program, released in 1996, one fucking year before your garbage. And that was also a real spam filter, not a blacklist. I didn't even bother to research anything before that.
    Now poop, umm, Goo your pants, the great in-fucking-ventor of Anti-poop, um, Anti-spam.

  23. Oh, here is another one for you. One of the most used open source "REAL" spam filters is spamassassin. If you look at their history, you will find their source came for another "REAL" spam filter, called filter.plx.

    Now, here is the internet archive result for that:

    1.0b -released Aug. 13/97

    Now, that is a real 'context/keyword spam filter', not a friggin blacklist.

    Here is what I'm going to do Mike, I'm going to put all these information together in one post, debunking your claim about "inventor" of anti-spam!!! :-)

    And Mike, where is the patent?

  24. Oh, more here:


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  25. Michael Amorose has now been officially OWNED.

    R.I.P Amorose