Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Amorose: Aka Mike: Aka Vivek

I was searching on the net, and came across this post on the Mac forums by one of the staunch Anti... Mike.

All the spin in the world will not change facts.

My TWO phone interviews were in Oct. 2006 so that was after you became
manager. After the second "interview" it became clear to me that your
company has no interest in hiring a seasoned 16+ year Mac veteran and
author of 18 successful commercial Mac products. If those qualifications
are not good enough, then your goal is obviously something other than
hiring the best.

The fact is, like so many companies today, you run a cheap imported
labor sweat shop and when your cheap, inexperienced, third-world
programmers can't do the job, you "interview" people like me to get the
knowledge you need to give to your people who can't otherwise do the
work. Your compatriot, Tenzen Wild informed me the two "programmers" the
candidate would be working with where imported from China with little

Any company which conducts exploitative interviews is committing fraud
and fraud is a criminal act. Criminal and "legitimate" do not go together.

You claim to have hired "4 full-time Mac developers". Will you please
tell the list their names, nationalities, and how we can contact them?
Put your money where your mouth is and prove it to us. I am willing to
wager $1000 that at least 3 of them are imported cheap-labor foreign
nationals. Do you have the guts to accept a $1000 bet? In fact, I have
notified DHS, ICE, BCIS and the FBI that you are conducting visa fraud
because you are pretending to hire Americans, when in fact you are doin
the opposite. Do you think we are all stupid?

I see that you yourself are from Belgium.
One can hardly imagine a more
America-hating socialist
European nation than that.

I don't doubt your work has been on the covers of major fashion
magazines - it's not surprising given the corrupt nature of the fashion
industry. Just because you are successful does not mean you are honest.

I would warn all serious American Mac developers to stay as far away
from Box as possible because they have no intention of hiring you. They
only want to gain your knowledge for free and give it to their cheap
imported programmers who are incompetent.

This is the age of exploitative interviews. And Box is the master of that.


Wow!!! Really Wow!! One single mail, and you have berated
a legitimate company (read the full thread to see what other
Americans said), all Belgium immigrants, Chinese immigrants
and Fashion industry, all the while beating your own drum
how you are THE BEST!!! Wow!!! You ARE GOOD!!!


  1. FOund an interesting article, these Antis can shove it up thier ass

  2. Another MIchael the racist trivia, it seems he had a japanese girlfriend who dumped his ass, that explains his crazy racist taunts towards non whites, HA !

    Read the comment under Michael*

    and BTW his photography skills SUCK, way worse then his coding skills, why the fck does he keep broadcasting his work???

  3. Who'd want a racist with a shitty complex and an attitude like that at a workplace, now wonder he didn't/doesn't get hired. Infact with all this stuff and way way more racist crap of his on google under his real, full name, the employer would REALLy like to hire him, well actually the KKK would definitely, haha.

  4. Racist? You do know that there are LAWS on the books in India making it illegal to hire Americans there, right? Also, Hitler's Mein Kampf is one of the best-selling books in Mumbai right now. No racism going on there....

    Hitler's Mein Kampf on Indian curriculum

    Hitler is being promoted as a management guru for business studies students in India, who are advised by lecturers to read Mein Kampf and Hitler’s autobiography for educational purposes.

    Sales of Mein Kampf topped 10,000 in New Delhi alone in the past six months and are expected to rise further.

  5. So now this site has turned into a site bashing me? Is that really the best you can do? Scream "Racism!" in a crowded country? No one in America is listening. Nobody cares. And my photo skills suck? And I'm an anti-Japanese-hating racist? For your information I've been to Japan 5 times and love it and the Japanese people. But then again 4 million of them haven't invaded the U.S., gotten into management, and aren't ethnically cleansing Americans out of IT. I can't say the same for Indians. Maybe it's not your race that I mind, but your endemic corruption.

  6. Vivek a.k.a. Mike. This site is about exposing the Antis, and what their "values" are.

    As for Japanese hating, I didn't know about it (remember, it's in the "comments" section).

    So, I did some search. And here it is:

    Let me re-post a mail YOU sent at the APPLE dev mailing list:

    You stupid moron. Did you even read Apple's documentation? Apparently not. If you had, you would have learned that dictionaries on OS X do not support ordering. The docs even say that you cannot rely on the ordering of items in a dictionary. If you need ordering, you need to use an NSArray.

    Why do Asian people keep trying to be software developers? You people are the worst at software. Japan isn't even good at it. Give it up and get some other job like being a noodle shop owner or something. LOL.

    So, what say you? Mr. Vivek.

    Oh, your photography really sucks. No, really, it does. You shouldn't really put them up on your site.

  7. @8:48:
    So, why don't you show me the "laws" on the book barring Americans from taking jobs in India. Refer to my earlier post. Just go get an E visa and work in India... that is, if you can get a job.

    Here is a news report for you, that also from 2006:

    How are these folks working in India if there are "laws" on the book barring them?

    Exposed? Huh?!!!

  8. Guys, guys - first of all, the message you quoted from the Apple dev mailing list was NOT posted there by Mike - he sent it PRIVATELY to the person in question - OFF LIST. That person, suffering from Xenophobia decided to REPOST Mike's PRIVATE message on the Apple dev list. So it was not Mike who posted it, but rather the PRIVATE OFF-LIST recipient. Try obtaining actual FACTS before you comment you idiots. One has to wonder what purpose the off-list recipient had in reposting a PRIVATE, OFF-LIST message back to the Apple mailing list when it had no relevance to the discussion. If the off-list person had a gripe with the comment, they should have contacted the list admin, rather than posting it directly. If you did any research at all you'd also know the list moderator killed that thread immediately when the off-list reply was posted.

    And the whole world concurs with him that Asians are lousy at software:

    Is it racist to say Japanese and Germans make the best cars but Americans make the best software? Or that black people are the best NBA players? No it's not. Asians are not good at software but are unwilling to accept this FACT.

    Where is the Indian operating system?


  9. @ 5:00
    What a pathetic response. So, being racist "PRIVATELY" does not make one racist? Huh? Is THAT your theory? And it turns out that the person exposing Mr. Amorose is the one who is xenophobic, right?

    With that kind of logic, no wonder folks of your cult are losing hands down.

  10. That's ODD - the post on the Apple dev list seems to have disappeared. Guess you guys don't have a case anymore.

  11. Well, the response is all over the blogosphere, and Michael himself agrees he made the response in some of the comments.

    Case closed.

  12. Who cares? Gizmodo said Asians are lousy at software. So why are you guys focusing on one post? Besides, stories of really shoddy Indian engineerng work are all over the net by now too. So what does anyone care what I say? Fact is, you have all been EXPOSED for the frauds that you are and you're all having your visas revoked and GC's rejected. Enjoy your flights home.

    Exposing fraud is not racism. Exposing that Guatemalans aren't good at building cars isn't racism either. So how can exposing desis who can't write software but claim they can be racism? Get over it losers. No one in America cares about the racism cries anymore. And as I said before, I made the response OFF LIST IN PRIVATE. Wrod has no integrity - posting private messages in a public forum.

  13. Dear Mike

    Just so you know, all the necessary screen shots have already been taken, for the sake of posterity ;-) and will be made available to the press, when your famed 1000 page book comes out next month


    P.S Also, thanks for acknowledging that racist comment, and the fact that it was taken down, in writing, and IN HERE. LOL

  14. Kind of hard to back up MADE UP statements from some xenophobic Asian when the post doesn't exist on the Apple list. Sounds made up to me.

  15. It's very easy to attack and RUIN SOMEONE'S LIFE when the rest of you are hiding behind nyms like cowardly jackals.

    As Anon said, it was a private email exchange and you are outing it here?

    So basically this site is here to wreck someone's life instead of illustrate that racism exists. Wonderful.

    I hope you're proud of yourselves.

  16. This is what michael amorose said to one of my co workers and my self. I am not changing any of this. And he wonders why he does not get hired.

    A beaner? You are almost as bad as Asians. Don't you have some drugs to
    sell or something? Couldn't find a job in Mehico? Had to come to
    whitey's country to stay employed? No wonder the CA economy is
    collapsing with people like you running it. Viva la Reconquista!

    Ha ha ha! More Asians? You must be joking.

    Do you think all Americans are stupid? Well, I'm not.

    I bet I send my resume to an Asian. Why? So you can steal it and place
    an Asian's name on it and submit them for the job? You must be joking.
    Do you think we don't know what you are doing to our country? You've
    destroyed every company except Apple and now that you are all out of
    work, you want that too? Too bad, you can't have it.

    Odd how I've sent my resume to Consulting at least a dozen
    times in the past and NEVER ONCE GOT HIRED, despite 18 YEARS IN THE

    Why am I NEVER getting hired when I send my resume to you people, Mark?
    Obviously I am more than qualified.