Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What the Antis want

History repeats itself.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Call: Only H1B allowed?? Really?

I got on to the Call that I mentioned in my previous post, just to understand the mentality of the Antis, first hand.

Looks like the Antis are trying to make a BIG issue about job advertisements that say (H1B only). And I agree with the Antis here. No job application should say H1B only. It's illegal, and unneeded. Because we can compete JUST FINE with the Antis.

So, I went to their website at Bright Future Jobs to see what ads were they talking about!!

And lo and behold, all the ADs they were bantering about were from INDIAN job sites. Antis, here is some general knowledge... Naukri.com is an Indian job site, catering to Indians, in India. So, if they are trying to position someone to US, they WILL ask for H1B. It just means, they do not want to process new H1B applications, but want someone already holding H1B so that they can transfer it. Get It??

What else did you expect here? I mean, if an American cruise company, sailing off from American coast,is going to take you to, say, Bahamas, and mention "Passport and Visa necessary", do you expect the Bahamians to cry foul that they are excluded from visiting their own areas of attractions?

Or, if a Japanese Tour company advertises online for a tour of San Francisco, and says "Visitor Visa necessary", will you cry foul that you are not being allowed to visit San Francisco even if you are an US citizen?

How naive can you be, Antis, how naive can you be!!! Sigh!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Conference call: To teach Antis how to post!!!

Conference Call on Effective Posting - tomorrow, July 21st at 7:15pm

How to Post for Maximum Impact
Conference Call tomorrow night, 7:15pm Central

Labor Day marks the beginning of national discussions on the corporate visa programs that allow companies to legally bypass the US workforce. Most tech workers see this bypass and confront this bypass when they are looking for jobs. But most recent college grads will never see or confront this issue because they will never be considered for jobs their degrees qualify them to do.

This is the power of employment discrimination. This issue will be part of a national conversation on comprehensive immigration reform if we tell the truth about our own circumstances.

Businessweek will be posting their article on H-1b exploitation on Wednesday. Join me to discuss why the "culture of bypass" is the necessary precondition to create the "culture of exploitation."

Scheduled Conference Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Scheduled Start Time: 07:15 PM Central Daylight Time
Scheduled End Time: 07:55 PM Central Daylight Time

Type of Conference: Standard
Dial-in Number: 1-219-509-8111
Participant Access Code: 798504

NO, just dial in at 7:15pm Central

Text of Email Sent Last Week:

This culture of exploitation among IT labor contractors could not occur without the legal protections to bypass the US workforce. This is why the corporations are fighting hard to defend this protection and defeat the Durbin bill (S. 887).

Readers may not make the connection between this corporate malfeasance and the bypass of qualifed citizens and green card holders - but your posts can. Make sure your posts mention the Durbin bill (S.887).

Here's some talking points on corporate protections affored by visa programs:

* The H-1b corporate visa program is responsible for these crimes because it protects corporations from ever considering local talent and opening the door to this culture of exploitation. Passing the Durbin bill will end this culutre of exploitation.
* Protectionist measures in the current corporate visa programs are poisoning the IT industry - no corporation should be protected from the consequences of discriminatory hiring practices.
* American labor laws and EEO have had a powerful impact on American society. These visa programs protect corporations from employing a workforce that knows their rights and can exercise them. That's why corporations don't want the Durbin bill (S. 887) to pass.
* Far from protecting the US workforce, the Durbin bill (S.887) will give us a chance to compete for job openings in our own country, thus preventing these corporate crimes.
* It's the responsibilty of the federal government to ensure that we have the freedom to compete- and we will get this freedom to compete when S.887 passes.
* If these companies were required to seek local talent first, these shakedowns would virtually disappear.
* The discriminatory practice of recruiting abroad for US job openings now breeds a form of exploitation unimaginable to 21st century Americans. These cheats could never swindle Americans this way.

Our posts promoting the Durbin bill will be watched -- and measured -- by Congressional supporters of the Durbin bill and all of the players who will be at the table when this issue comes up in the fall.

Your posts supporting the bill and defending American labor and talent will let all the players know that American IT professionals are standing up for what they want and shaping the circumstances of our lives.

Donna Conroy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bigot Anti: Case 1

I used to get surprised how bigot the Antis are. The thing that's even more surprising is, they don't see it themselves.

I'll start giving some examples. For example, the great SpamInventor Mike Amorose writes in this post:
These young Indian kids are so weak. They dream of going to the west but something as trivial as losing a job made him commit suicide:

Then again, another post of his says:
Just as Kevin Flanagan fatally shot himself in a Bank of America parking lot after being replaced by foreign workers, this case is probably similar. This is the kind of country we are heading towards if mass immigration is not stopped.

In both cases, a person failed to cope up with losing job, and killed themselves. However, for the Antis, one is a "weak Indian kid", and another is an "American martyr".

This, my friends, is a classic example of bigotry. A pretty common thing in the world of Antis.


Pair jailed for web race crimes

Two men have been jailed after becoming the first in the UK to be convicted of inciting racial hatred via a foreign website.

Read More

From Slashdot:
"Two British men have become the first to be jailed for inciting racial hatred online. The men believed that material they published on web servers based in the United States did not fall under the jurisdiction of UK law and was protected under the First Amendment. This argument was rejected by the British trial judge. After being found guilty, the men fled to Los Angeles, where they attempted to claim political asylum, again arguing that they were being persecuted by the British government for speech that was protected under the First Amendment. The asylum bid was rejected and the two were deported back to the UK after spending over a year in a US jail."

Does it remind folks of some websites, like, the one in Panama? ;-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Amorose, revisited

Michael Amorose is the same guy who runs the great guestworkerfraud.com website.

Just saw this link.

You MUST read the comments section of that post. No wonder this guy cannot find a job anywhere. Who, in his true mind, would want to hire someone like THAT!! Not me, not me!!

You can find about him more at this link:

Outsourced Amtrak train... Outsourced??

I was reading the post:

and just couldn't stop laughing. How in the world can you outsource a train? I mean, you can outsource the IT department of a rail company, you can outsource the software/hardware of the train, but how can you "outsource" a train?

So, Amtrak outsources its IT department. What has that got to do with an Amtrak train hitting a pedestrian?

Let's look at the report, shall we:

Let me quote:
Deputy Coroner T. Engel of Alameda County said Friday evening that both victims appear to have been killed instantly by blunt trauma, and that the incidents are "both possibly suicide."


He said that in both incidents it appears that the victims were trespassing on the tracks.

I guess committing suicide is getting offshored now. :-). Simply hilarious how far the Antis would go to promote their vested interest using two unfortunate accidents. No respect for a human life here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

itgrunt.com gone??!!

I normally keep the entries here to debunk the FUDs spread, but this is related, because this is what the Americans are telling the Antis to do... that is.. to go away!!

Seems like the good people at the hosting site took the action. Itgrunt.com is gone. Poof!! Kaput!!

And he is talking about taking the hosting to.... Panama. Oh right, none of the US hosting companies will host TunnelRat's hate speech.

And yet, he still doesn't get it. What a knucklehead.