Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Americans are fools. Are they?

One of the biggest lies perpetrated by the Anti lobby is:
"Indians think Americans are fools".

As I said in my previous post... NO WE DO NOT.

However, what bothers me to justify the separate post is their attitude towards other fellow Americans.

For example, take a look at the sister website of It's at

Some excerpts:
"Christine Doyle, H-1B Call Girl For Google "
"Jena Baker McNeill - Fat Lying Whore"
"Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn CEO and H[indu]-1B Pimp"

Sometime back, I had someone forward to me some internal communications of these guys, where they were talking about some fellow Americans having a sane discussion on Dice forums. Here are some excerpts:

"MaryinChicago [another fellow American lady] is a dog, her English writing style does not have any element of American spoken language, American slang, and American 'culture'. - EricSmith"

"our problem we can't get volume, a lot [of fellow Americans] don't want to do anything - codeit"

Now tell me this. Who considers that Americans are fools? Indians, or these xenophobic Antis?

It does not stop with the fellow American citizens. Here are some excerpts I got from the same mail:

"I am playing around with their caste system..maybe they will fight against each other, like Ro_han is higher than nym 2 - codeit"

A cannot see an average American stoop so low just to further his/her own agenda. Do you?


  1. LOL, nice find!

    It's funny seeing EricSMith talk about Mary's english, that retard talks and sounds like Borat LOL

    Codeit should know that his tactic might have worked in 1859, he's about 200 years late, these dumb trailer trash don't realize that the caste system is almost archaic, what actually is present is the class system, if you're rich and powerful people love you, if you're poor you get treated like shit, so if a (sic) dalit goes on to become a rich industrialist or a bollywood star or a cricketer, they'll treated him like a god, and if a brahmin is a poor lower middle class dude, then he'll be treated like dirt. And thats why these particular low skilled Americans are under threat, those lower/middle class Indians are super hungry and are mowing through any ray of opportunity they get.

    And these dickweeds try this LMFAO "caste" system tactic, i bet they still think Indians go to work on their pet elephants and use the magic rope trick instead of the elevators. Fucking illiterate retards, no wonder they're a laughing stock any where in the world, and Obama has now gotta make amends for it.l

  2. Great website to counter the racists!! Keep it going!! I have gathered identifiable info about a couple of those racists, which I will be posting online soon, in the hopes that someone enraged enough will teach them an unforgettable lesson. There is only so much that you can push people into the corner before they retaliate.

  3. That's right and American workers have been pushed into the biggest corner in history.

    And BTW, I just reported you to the FBI for advocating violence against Americans and making threats online which is a FELONY.

    They will be getting a subpoena for your IP addresses and calling on you soon.

  4. Post away! No one cares. Free speech is still a RIGHT in the USA and you can't do anything about it. Making violent threats across interstate lines, however, is not protected by free speech and is a felony. Hope you know how to deal with DHS & FBI because they'll be at your door soon. Enjoy.