Saturday, July 4, 2009 gone??!!

I normally keep the entries here to debunk the FUDs spread, but this is related, because this is what the Americans are telling the Antis to do... that is.. to go away!!

Seems like the good people at the hosting site took the action. is gone. Poof!! Kaput!!

And he is talking about taking the hosting to.... Panama. Oh right, none of the US hosting companies will host TunnelRat's hate speech.

And yet, he still doesn't get it. What a knucklehead.


  1. That TunnelRat, is very mentally and emotionally unstable, and i don't mean this as a insult, i mean clinically, who in their right mind would openly give death threats to an elected legislative and then follow it up with a death threat massacre in a college !! and for some reason he thinks its all a part of free speech !, how the hell did he pass his naturalization exam, or any exam, for that matter of sake??

    I remember when i pointed out the legal "exceptions" to free speech, one bozo from their "insurgency" said, that he'd only believe it when the site would go down, and lo and behold! ;-)

    I feel bad for TR's family, his stupid antics might get him in trouble with the law, and his family would bear the brunt of it all, real sad.

    What's worse is, his possum of henchmen, EricShit, Mike, and those losers, who egg him on to talk all that shit, while they silently and safely keep their own traps shut, nothing like living viscerally through a wannabe vigilante and then see him fry uh, LOL

    So lets count the number of places that have kicked TR out:
    3)Greg Siskinds blog
    5)His own Hosting company!!
    6) ?
    ...and these are just the one i am aware of.

    Well i wish him all the best, i am sure TCS Hungary will always welcome have a place for him if slot 6 fills up ;-)

  2. I love how these ANTIs are so stupid that there stupidity comes shiny though when they least expect it, its so apparent in this post

    Mike the "patriot" openly says that he wants to fuck up americans and the American govt by moving his "wealth" to panama. TR "OFFSHORES" his site.

    I particularly loved how one comment shows the crying hypocrites why americans offsore by putting a mirror to their own faces.

    What a bunch of woosies.

  3. His site is back up. Losers.

  4. :-). Yes, his site is back up... in Panama!! :-) . Now who was talking about offshoring again?

  5. Well he wouldn't have had to offshore if INDIANS hadn't made death threats to his AMERICAN ISP to try to silence the blog. Once again, we see Indians are to blame for offshoring.

  6. Oooh, lala. As if American ISPs are trembling, and FBI is sitting on the sideline sucking thumb? It's funny that all of is full of death threats, and yet, the Indians get accused of it. :-)

    Well, I think the message is pretty clear. American ISPs don't want all this BS crap at, so they threw it out like a piece of shitcake.

    Off to Panama... :-)

  7. Well so much for that theory. is alive and well. Now that it's offshore, what are you going to do about it? You'd love to silence anyone who opposes the India, Inc. agenda, wouldn't you? Well, too bad for you because this is the USA where free speech is guaranteed and there is zip you can do about it. Keep thrashing around, your fraud is being exposed and there's nothing you can do. You get what you deserve and now that India, Inc. has destroyed the U.S. economy you all get to go back to India and enjoy unemployment.

  8. Not to sound Cliche but more than anything I love about America.. it is "FREE SPEECH".
    Everyone has a right to express their opinion even if it is hate, happiness, or sadness.

    Let anyone vent their anger through blogs.. that's what they are there for.

    I believe where we cross the line is when we start attacking other races personally and proceed to make fun of them, stereotype them That is too much.
    You can't blame H1b people, but you can blame the american system, politicians and hi-tech companies who are being anti-american by hiring h1bs.

  9. ITgrunt shit is down again. So is endh1b

  10. ITgrunt is down. That's because Sarvesh Dharayan at APEX got a kangaroo court in New Jersey to shut the site down.

    Dharayan is acting like a petty CEO that has something to hide. So, they paid off a judge to get an unconstitutional ruling -- it will surely backfire on them.

  11. Hi,

    TR here.

    Just want to remind you folks that this all started when the Desi bodyshop demanded that I help them track down the renegade visa worker that was posting their illegal contract all over the internet:

    "I further request you to provide us the contact details of the individual who posted this legal agreement without permission since we are the copyright owner of the legal document."

    Of course I responded like the typical American racist:

    "We are not in the business of helping exploitative Desi bodyshops target their H-1B victims for harassment, retribution, or violence. "

    Now go do some reading:

  12. Thats a good reply TR, although I am not a great fan of your hate talks (on indians as a whole) I liked the way you replied those shmucks.

  13. What is the URL for Itgrunt version 2?