Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Amorose, revisited

Michael Amorose is the same guy who runs the great website.

Just saw this link.

You MUST read the comments section of that post. No wonder this guy cannot find a job anywhere. Who, in his true mind, would want to hire someone like THAT!! Not me, not me!!

You can find about him more at this link:


  1. WOW, just WOW, this guy needs to be in a straight jacket ! i mean for real!!

    Doesn't he understand that his loonliness is pretty visible on the net, and employers DO google around etc?

    You should forward your blog posts to the author, just to let him see how crazy Mike has gotten from then ;-)

    I am honestly waiting for his 800? ( he keeps changing the pages from 200 - 400 -800) page book. That would make one helluva toilet reader ;-)

  2. You know, i am seeing a pattern, Mike, TR, and the rest of them are all clinically INSANE.

    I think my original theory about a mental asylum having suddenly got internet access might actually be true '-)

    And it might be on the moon, as Michael Amorose hates every race on mankind, LOL

  3. Clinically insane? That would describe NRI's who somehow think they can be like Americans in IT but then can't do the work and all the companies and economy collapses as a result. Only insane people try to work in a field they are not qualified for or think an IIT "degree" makes them good enough to write software. Only a people whose country is so bad that they to convince themselves they are someone else are clinically insane. Only a country which says "All software comes from India" yet doesn't have an OS of its own are clinically insane. LOL.

  4. Welcome EricSmith @5.56

    What OS has your country Kazakhstan made of lately?

  5. If you've noticed, that, ever since ITgrunt's moved to Panama, he's become pretty insecure, and the woos anti's have turned on the lies rhetoric, TR has been on a rampage, censoring comments that make them look bad, just so their propaganda looks stronger. It reminds me of a dying cockroach wiggling its legs like crazy, when laying helpless on its back, sensing its approaching demise ;-)

    Nice to see these roaches Antis getting so defensive.

    We are winning. ,-)

  6. Hey AntiAntis,

    Just wanted to say great blog! Keep blogging and continue to expose the racists. I have a lot more info on Mike Amorose that I'm willing to share with you (maybe even a pic), if you could post your email ID that I can send it to. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  7. Well a whole month has gone by. Where's your info moron? Unemployed losers have nothing better to do than harass people? Post all you want. When my 800-page book comes out on the India, Inc. fraud, you're all going down hard.

  8. This Michael Amorose also goes by the name Mr. Bobo. has been laid off by Adobe and is an old guy who has not updated his skill set. Claims to be a Mac professional, for the most part has written couple of desktop programs, has an outdates skill set now, is trying to get a job on iPhone, lies all over his profile and launches into other cultures as part of a systematic rant by borderline racists (who spend more time ranting on other cultures) rather than picking up books and read. Its that set of incapable people who simply are pissed off because they are unable to compete with brilliant kids from all over the world. Of course he is no Sergie Brin and trust me even if he was a Russian, Russia would not be happy to own him, neither is America. People like him are a disgrace to this great country.

  9. Age discrimination is illegal in the U.S.

    If he hasn't updated his skill set then how has he written 3 successful iPhone apps?

    Your defamation comments are likely to get you sued.

  10. I just checked the guy out. 17 successful commercial software products, including ones at Sony and Apple are more than just "A few desktop programs". Nice try, but the proof is all over his website. He's written far more than you ever will. Cocoa and Objective-C are outdated skill sets? That's a good one. Have you ever worked at Apple? No? He did. Did you ever work at Sony on PlayStation 2? No? He did.

    Anil Bhavnani was also laid off by Adobe in 2008. So what?

    What exactly are the lies all over his "profile" you're refering to? Care to elaborate?

    His accomplishments and skill set are awesome judging by everything he's written. Can you provide PROOF of what you are saying, or are you just making vague claims and slander?

    Can you show us the software products you've written?

  11. That's Sergey Brin - not 'Sergie Brin' genius. You try programming, try learning a little English first. And Brin emigrated to the U.S. at age 6, went to school here, and grew up here. He's more American than Russian. LOL. Same with Jerry Yang of Yahoo! Nice try, but you're lying about the facts.

  12. Yes, way to harass a US Citizen. Given the screed on your one entry "blog" and the way you hide behind a nym like a jackal, I'm sure karma is on it's way to get you, just like with my little sahib.

    Outright harassment and exposure of that guy's privacy is against the law. If he gets a court order Google can ban you. But you're in India, so why would you care?

    Cowardly little jackals.

    -Drunken Economist

  13. Amorose is a true American hero. Techies better start listening to him if they care about keeping their standard of living.

    Folks -- either the slumdogs are going to win, or we are. Let's make sure we win!

  14. I'd put money on the last few comments *coming from* Michael Amorose.

  15. Why am I not surprised he worked at Adobe ?