Monday, July 6, 2009

Outsourced Amtrak train... Outsourced??

I was reading the post:

and just couldn't stop laughing. How in the world can you outsource a train? I mean, you can outsource the IT department of a rail company, you can outsource the software/hardware of the train, but how can you "outsource" a train?

So, Amtrak outsources its IT department. What has that got to do with an Amtrak train hitting a pedestrian?

Let's look at the report, shall we:

Let me quote:
Deputy Coroner T. Engel of Alameda County said Friday evening that both victims appear to have been killed instantly by blunt trauma, and that the incidents are "both possibly suicide."


He said that in both incidents it appears that the victims were trespassing on the tracks.

I guess committing suicide is getting offshored now. :-). Simply hilarious how far the Antis would go to promote their vested interest using two unfortunate accidents. No respect for a human life here.


  1. What are you smoking? Where does it say that?

  2. i feel sorry for you ..... cannot compete with indians ... can you ?? SSOB