Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What the Antis want

History repeats itself.


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  2. Funny how Americans have no problem with people of other races coming to USA. You don't hear any outcry against Japanese, Germans, or Australians in USA. Why not? Perhaps it is not your skin colour, but your culture of corruption and behavior that is the problem.

  3. @12.58

    Actually we DONT hear any outcry against Indians coming to the US, infact its the quite the opposite, Indians have the highest Median Income of all ethnic groups, Indians are considered/are the most educated of all ethnic groups, overall Americans have no problems at all with Indians migrating and it shows, right from Obama to the general public have all been vocal about it and hold Indians in high esteem, EXCEPT for a small miniscule minority of racist, xenophobic programmer losers with no skills to compete in a global market, they're the ONLY ones who cry. And frankly, we give a rats ass (pun intended) about the few whiny, "left of the bell curve" individuals.

  4. hey cc, looks like ericsmith is masquerading your nym and trying to malign it, check it out


  5. What happened, Slumdog? Did you get deported? You have been rather quiet lately. Did the techie in Pittsburgh scare you? Did you realize that their are thousands of him around, facing layoffs, and ready to aim for the red dot instead of some women in a gym?

  6. Looks like the Rat has finally beein fumigated out of his hole ;-)

    Now he's just gonna decay away in his sewer LOL

  7. interesting post by michael amorose, mr guestworkrfraud is the BIGGEST goddamn fraud EVER. check his comment out as the usual mr vivek


    Mr Michael "Lets Rip the American Govt out" Amorose

    Man, both these Kevin Rat and Suckrose are even bigger frauds than those corrupt desi consultants!

  8. Feds, concerned authorities clamping down hard on TunnelRat ;)


    Shows you cant mess with the law all the time ;)

  9. TunnelRat is now defaming and publicly admonishing a senior Judge, whose presiding over the case thats gonna fuck him over, apart from splashing his number all over the internet !


    I cant believe this clown, he has serious mental stability issues, amazing how much a person needs to be destroyed before getting over his hyper inflated ego

    im sure his name is gonna hit the news !

    stay tuned for further updates !

  10. pussy rat is back ;)



  11. End of the Rat??

    Looks like the Rat has been exterminated, by his own people ;)

    After a while even his fellow "insurgents" realized that the sewer Rat was doing all this for nothing more than to stroke his under confident *real life* Ego, all his site has, is a list of "press releases" showing how (sic) great his alter ego is !

    All he posts is, on his face book page, are, obscure links of people writing about him, and the only retard to comment is either CodeIT who is little more than a posse and another dude named "Eric Davis", this unfortunate Racist might actually join the cops! only if they could see his comments on there, before signing him on ;)

    The Programmers Guild has pretty much humiliated and written the Rat off, and i know that the Feds have been coming down hard on him.

    The Rat has finally exterminated himself ;)