Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bigot Anti: Case 1

I used to get surprised how bigot the Antis are. The thing that's even more surprising is, they don't see it themselves.

I'll start giving some examples. For example, the great SpamInventor Mike Amorose writes in this post:
These young Indian kids are so weak. They dream of going to the west but something as trivial as losing a job made him commit suicide:

Then again, another post of his says:
Just as Kevin Flanagan fatally shot himself in a Bank of America parking lot after being replaced by foreign workers, this case is probably similar. This is the kind of country we are heading towards if mass immigration is not stopped.

In both cases, a person failed to cope up with losing job, and killed themselves. However, for the Antis, one is a "weak Indian kid", and another is an "American martyr".

This, my friends, is a classic example of bigotry. A pretty common thing in the world of Antis.



  1. LOL, nice one, Mike should just STFU now and go to thailand and do his old white man "thing" ;-)

    These guys just talk big and deliver blanks. I remember the time when TR had posted a sound clip of him talking to his recruiter. I remember how he told everyone that he had " put her in the right place" and hence uploaded the sound clip to (sic) showoff. BUT once we heard it, it was what it was, a squeaky voiced woos, APOLOGIZING and stammering and stuttering for having quit the job at the Desi bodyshop


    And then when someone ( american i remember) told him that he didn't sound anything like a Marine, he said he had "toned" his voice down for the Ladies. HAHAHA

    Seriously, this guys are so delusional about themselves that i would categorize them as being clinically insane, "One Flew Over the Insurgents Nest" style ;-)

  2. Good job AA !!

    Kicking the Insurgents butt hard and clear. We need to spread this blog around. think whenever a "businessweek" kind of article comes in, and the Antis get their panties in a bunch, we must expose them with this blog over there, to get maximum exposure

  3. @6:40:
    Feel free to use the content of this blog and links to it wherever you feel appropriate.

  4. Biggoted? You mean like deliberately not hire supremely qualified Americans for jobs because you're either afraid of their prowess, or because of your hypernationalism. The whole WORLD knows how biggoted Indians are. Call other people biggots all you want, but the USA is the most open country in the world, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Look in the mirror before you start hurling accusations. If Americans were biggoted, we never would have let you in. It's the fact that YOU do not adhere to American values of equality and non-discrimination that people are turning on you.