Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Call: Only H1B allowed?? Really?

I got on to the Call that I mentioned in my previous post, just to understand the mentality of the Antis, first hand.

Looks like the Antis are trying to make a BIG issue about job advertisements that say (H1B only). And I agree with the Antis here. No job application should say H1B only. It's illegal, and unneeded. Because we can compete JUST FINE with the Antis.

So, I went to their website at Bright Future Jobs to see what ads were they talking about!!

And lo and behold, all the ADs they were bantering about were from INDIAN job sites. Antis, here is some general knowledge... is an Indian job site, catering to Indians, in India. So, if they are trying to position someone to US, they WILL ask for H1B. It just means, they do not want to process new H1B applications, but want someone already holding H1B so that they can transfer it. Get It??

What else did you expect here? I mean, if an American cruise company, sailing off from American coast,is going to take you to, say, Bahamas, and mention "Passport and Visa necessary", do you expect the Bahamians to cry foul that they are excluded from visiting their own areas of attractions?

Or, if a Japanese Tour company advertises online for a tour of San Francisco, and says "Visitor Visa necessary", will you cry foul that you are not being allowed to visit San Francisco even if you are an US citizen?

How naive can you be, Antis, how naive can you be!!! Sigh!!


  1. Great find AA !!

    Man, either these Antis are completely illiterate and retarded, or they think they can get away with hoodwinking everyone!

    We should publicize this, wonder when that BusinessWeek article is coming out?

  2. Infact these Antis are quite a bunch of fools, i remember on Dice, they were a whole bunch of them reporting the H1B ads "only" to the Moderators. The Ad's read "H-1B transfer only" which basically implied that, the firm would hire H-1Bs that already have the visa, which they would need to transfer on, as against petition for a new visa, ofcourse that doesn't mean Citizens and GC holders cant apply, it just meant that from the H-1Bs who apply, they have to have the H-1B ready to transfer on.

    These Antis made a hue and cry, thumping their chests around like they found the holy grail of " India Inc" "fraud". haha.

    Seriously, i am NOT surprised when these particular set of people get rendered obsolete by newer workers. Its evolution and the survival of the fittest, the weak ( in the head, in these cases) will get "evolved" out. Pretty simple.

  3. So Mr Leader of Antis Kevin Rat, finally realized that we Indians were kicking his butt SO hard on his blog that their propaganda machine was crumbling under, so he decided to ban Indians, whom now he knows are way way smarter than him and his ilk, feels nice to know that a bunch of "visa" guys can put these racists in the right place ;-)

    Good Job on the Blog as well !

  4. [The H-1B lobby got to Business Week, and here is the proof: [] Here they got Moira's boss John A. Byrne, BW editor-in-chief to issue a whiney response to their complaints. Funny, he never responded to the INSURGENCY'S complaints about BW promoting the bigoted and nepotistic agenda of the H-1B lobby. At least BW got that fraud Vivek Wadhwa to STFU about guest worker visas. And Sen. Schumer will soon face the wrath of the INSURGENCY.]

    I had to share this comment left by Kevin Rat in the latest BW article on skilled immigrants. IS HE DELUDED OR WHAT??

    man that comment was so funny it made my day, no week.

    haha, no one cares about the "Insurgents" LOL, yea maybe if you stopped using the word insurgents and retribution, dropped the death/murder threats, quit the racist tirade, took on a mature demeanor then maybe, just maybe they'll answer back. Till then keep wearing those fatigues and play "train" with each other ;-)

  5. Sorry frauds, but there have been PLENTY of "H-1B" even "Indian nationals only" job advertisements - right here in the USA. I chronicle ALL of them in my 800-page book on India, Inc. fraud which is about to be released.

    And if you can compete just fine, then why does every company you infest DIE? Sun, PeopleSoft, now Microsoft, Lehman, GM, AIG, the list goes ON AND ON. Why haven't you people produced the jobs and the economic boom in America you promised? Funny, but BEFORE you got to USA the economy way booming. Why are you so delusional in thinking you can do something when it's obvious you can't. You've destroyed the U.S.and world economies. Where are the millions of jobs you promised to create in USA when we started letting you in in 1998? Where is the Indian operating system? Where is the Adobe of India? Name ONE software product from India anyone uses or has heard of. The whole USA now knows that you are frauds and are just cleaning out the U.S. economy without producing anything.

  6. I know you guys from India have a hard time understanding the concept of LAWS, but the H-1B programs were intended to AUGMENT the EXISTING American labor force - not REPLACE it. What you are doing is deliberatly denying jobs to qualified Americans on American soil. Not only were you supposed to be here temporarily and then go home, but you shouldn't even be in the USA now at all. What part of that don't you understand. India, Inc. is infiltrating and taking over US companies and the entire American public knows it. You think we are all stupid but we know exactly what we are doing.

    And since your takeover of U.S. companies, the econ is not doing very well is it? I suggest a reality check: face it: India, Inc. workers are not smart enough or good enough to keep the U.S. economy going no matter how much you want to be like us.

  7. This guy who goes by the name VIVEK is actually Michael Amorose. He also goes by the name Mr. BoBo. He is a loser of the nth kind. First he thought the planet was ruled by Mac and then he tried to work for Apple, he was a big failure there. Later he was laid off by Adobe. - A typical profile of an ANTI as you guys call it.

    By the way, you should call them "Extremists of the free world". How are they different from Osamas of the world? Osamas torture physically, these extremists torture other cultures mentally. Don't take these trainings as a joke, they will be the training grounds for next generation of Ku Klux Klan.

    In fact, file a public interest petition against anyone who claims to be an equal opportunity employer and hires Michaels and Janes of the world. Expose these people.

    Lets analyse why they are fired from companies in the first place. They are not needed and they are not needed for a good reason. Most reasons start with work ethic and end at paranoia.

    Tell this joker that the Unemployment benefit that he is gets is being funded by China else he would not have food to eat and a roof to live under.

    Michael o Michael, where is your mommy?

  8. Thanks for making this blog - giving vent to the other side of facts .
    I am also on H1B and realize that some ( not all ) part of this is obviously gamed.A good part of this abuse happens because certain communities and esp religions use their "influence" and "recommendations" to get people in belonging to their like. This is an effort to "secure" themselves against an env. they consider hostile before competitive.
    I sincerely believe that even this 20% fraud rate would become 5% if the US Govt conducted an H1 visa aptitude test ( H1VAT) that has a "raw" aptitude component and "applied IT area" component. Same thing for pushing yourself ahead in the GC Line.
    This needs to be done rather than cap the numbers. It will enforce some restraint and get rid of these "body shop" practices that recruiters use to "promote" their likes and stealthily "demote" others ( like taking some good resume of applicants they get in response to some posting they have , and putting that info in their candidates resume ). This is make sure that people who come here have some "standard" ( most do have but the "few" that don't have it , spread their strong odor of ignorance, and people like this mike , are cooks in waiting to pounce on such occurrences and use them as canvas for their "distorted") and it does not do a slaptstick alleged job substitution to the scale that people complain about

  9. I wrote about this in IV with good intentions but my IP was permanently banned.

    The 2nd part is that there are people who are firing the gun using the "shoulder" of the Indian , because they become very gullible targets. The hiring managers who make outsourcing decisions are their non technical, managerial white cousins. They dont have any appreciation of efforts it takes to make s/w - only thing that matters in the end is , $100/hr for Mike is way to expensive.They dont mind a few mistakes and $35/hr. But when it comes to taking the onus , its not them but the Indians get pushed ahead.

    My own exp is a live miniature example . I had as part of my exp drifted from propriety/language A to B. The Client needed a developer level resource in B.
    I went there. They would not let me do anything to get my hands in the clay but starting asking questions as to why I planned to do it this way and that way.
    In the end , I left the project. Later I found out that the reason they got me in was because the Company contact who designed env B that was to be implemented at the client site , had foreseen that his company WOULD LOOSE the contract with the client.He ( an American not an H1B or Indian , lets call him by his real 1st name Joe ) essentially needed a "fall guy" who could be blamed for that decision so his "track record" w/ the company that made B looks good.
    I did not know all this was a "set up" and I walked in the trap.The clients manager was also aware of this trap, and was tacit in its implementation. Because he had some special relationship with Joe.I dont know what. I left but I am not sure , if I was able to clear my name of its books . This situation is played out in a grander scale with this H1B blame game.