Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pair jailed for web race crimes

Two men have been jailed after becoming the first in the UK to be convicted of inciting racial hatred via a foreign website.

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From Slashdot:
"Two British men have become the first to be jailed for inciting racial hatred online. The men believed that material they published on web servers based in the United States did not fall under the jurisdiction of UK law and was protected under the First Amendment. This argument was rejected by the British trial judge. After being found guilty, the men fled to Los Angeles, where they attempted to claim political asylum, again arguing that they were being persecuted by the British government for speech that was protected under the First Amendment. The asylum bid was rejected and the two were deported back to the UK after spending over a year in a US jail."

Does it remind folks of some websites, like, the one in Panama? ;-)


  1. Honestly, i am sure TR is going to get/already is into some MAJOR trouble with the law, too bad his Ego tells him otherwise. I mean why would that "Michael" dude from his ISP kick him out? and WHY would TR take his blog to Panama, and not another American ISP, simple, because he KNOWS he's fucking up bigtime.

    He seriously underestimates the Law, and the power of some pissed of Indian to report his ass off.

  2. Oh boy - the UK! I suggest you Indians learn some geography: UK is not USA. Right to free speech is GUARANTEED in our Constitution and there is nothing you can do about it. If you have a valid argument then why don't you convince the American people of it instead of trying to silence people who hold differing points of view. You are acting like the NAZIS that you really are.